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Power Protection

Power and Coax

The power input and coaxal inputs are the second most important feature on your tv to prevent picture and sound quality and eventual failure.

The Power input is the power cord that goes to your TV.  On some model tv's,  the cord is permanently attached and other models you can just plug the cord in the tv and also into a power outlet.

The coaxal input is the port on the back of your tv where you connect the cable from your cable/satellite provider.

Power and Coaxal failure are due to electric surges that come from your electric outlet or cable/satellite equipment. 

To minimize or prevent failures and expensive repair cost, we recommend all TV owners to get a  UPS (uninteruptable Power Supply) battery backup with Power surge, coax and data protection.  

UPS Batery Backup -  accesories will protect your tv from power surges coming in through the power line, the coax line or through your internet connection line. See our list of UPS

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