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HDMI Protection

HDMI Input Ports

The HDMI input ports are the most important feature on your tv to prevent failure that could lead to poor picture and sound quality and eventual an expensive repair bill ( Real data from 10 years of experience!!!). 

Your HDMI inputs enable great High definition picture and sound quality. These ports makes watching and listing to your tv enjoyable.  These ports are very sensitive to power and electric surges.  Over time, small surge in your electric system or from other defective devices will damage your HDMI ports which eventually leads to poor picture and sound quality.

Major power surges from lightening or defective connected equipment (cable/sattelite boxes, DVD players, BluRay Players and  Game consoles) will damage your HDMI port which will lead to a dead port or a totally dead TV. Believe me, this happens.. We see it every day in our repair services....

To protect your HDMI ports and ultimately your expensive TV, we recommend these HDMI Accessories:

HDMI surge Protectors- HDMI Surge protector simply protect your HMDI ports from small surges and big power surges.  This low cost device will prevent degredation of picture and sound quality and also prevent failure of the main board which is very expensive to repair.

HDMI Splitters - The most important benefit of the splitter is to provide a buffer between your TV HDMI Ports and the connected devices that will prevent electrical surges from hitting your television HDMI ports directly.   Another benefit and the main reason most people buy a splitter is to have the ability to connect more devices at the same time.  Some TV have only 1 or 2 HDMI ports.  A splitter allow you to connect 3 or more devices and protect your TV.

HDMI Cables- A good inexpensive HDMI cable is the key to watching and listening to high quality contents on your tv.  A bad HDMI cable can make the best 4K television looks like a standard tv

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